State Information

2020 celebrating 32 years 

2019-2020 State Board Effective August 1st, 2019

National Director: Kamuela

Assistant National Director:  Tom

State President: Brenden

State Vice President: Katie

State Secretary: Deedee

State Treasurer: Shawn

Kauai President: Buddy Victorino.....

Oahu President: Kathy

Maui President: U`i

Hawaii President: Richard

HS Student President: Trisyn

HS Student Vice President: Trey

HS Student Secretary: Kilihea

JR High Student President: Clancy

At Large Director: Buggins

At Large Director: Jade

Queen Coordinator..............TBA

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Mission Statement per NHSRA rule book:  

*Promote the sport of rodeo and the highest type of conduct and sportsmanship, and expose its positive image to the general public;

*Preserve the Western Heritage:

*Offer a privilege of family bonding;

*Offer an opportunity of continuing education;

*maintain the highest regard for the livestock.

HHSRA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit